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Critical Care Medicine August 2010 - Volume 38 - Issue 8


Critical Care Medicine August 2010 - Volume 38 - Issue 8

Critical Care Medicine August 2010 - Volume 38 - Issue 8

Feature Articles

A history of resolving conflicts over end-of-life care in intensive care units in the United States *
Luce, John M.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1623-1629, August 2010.

Phase II trial on the use of Dextran 70 or starch for supportive therapy in Kenyan children with severe malaria *
Akech, Samuel O.; Jemutai, Julie; Timbwa, Molline; Kivaya, Esther; Boga, Mwanamvua; Fegan, Greg; Maitland, Kathryn
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1630-1636, August 2010.

Cold aortic flush and chest compressions enable good neurologic outcome after 15 mins of ventricular fibrillation in cardiac arrest in pigs *
Janata, Andreas; Weihs, Wolfgang; Schratter, Alexandra; Bayegan, Keywan; Holzer, Michael; Frossard, Martin; Sipos, Wolfgang; Springler, Gregor; Schmidt, Peter; Sterz, Fritz; Losert, Udo M.; Laggner, Anton N.; Kochanek, Patrick M.; Behringer, Wilhelm
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1637-1643, August 2010.

Continuing Medical Education Articles

Therapeutic strategies for severe acute lung injury
Diaz, Janet V.; Brower, Roy; Calfee, Carolyn S.; Matthay, Michael A.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1644-1650, August 2010.

A survival benefit of combination antibiotic therapy for serious infections associated with sepsis and septic shock is contingent only on the risk of death: A meta-analytic/meta-regression study
Kumar, Anand; Safdar, Nasia; Kethireddy, Shravan; Chateau, Dan
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1651-1664, August 2010.

Continuing Medical Education Questions
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1665, August 2010.

Clinical Investigations

Is heart period variability associated with the administration of lifesaving interventions in individual prehospital trauma patients with normal standard vital signs? *
Rickards, Caroline A.; Ryan, Kathy L.; Ludwig, David A.; Convertino, Victor A.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1666-1673, August 2010.

Validity and reliability of an intuitive conscious sedation scoring tool: The nursing instrument for the communication of sedation *
Mirski, Marek A.; LeDroux, Shannon N.; Lewin, John J. III; Thompson, Carol B.; Mirski, Kara T.; Griswold, Michael
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1674-1684, August 2010.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of TAK-242 for the treatment of severe sepsis *
Rice, Todd W.; Wheeler, Arthur P.; Bernard, Gordon R.; Vincent, Jean-Louis; Angus, Derek C.; Aikawa, Naoki; Demeyer, Ignace; Sainati, Stephen; Amlot, Nicholas; Cao, Charlie; Ii, Masayuki; Matsuda, Hideyasu; Mouri, Kouji; Cohen, Jon
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1685-1694, August 2010.

Acute renal failure is NOT an "acute renal success"-a clinical study on the renal oxygen supply/demand relationship in acute kidney injury
Redfors, Bengt; Bragadottir, Gudrun; Sellgren, Johan; Swärd, Kristina; Ricksten, Sven-Erik
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1695-1701, August 2010.

Laboratory Investigations

Patients with acute pancreatitis complicated by organ failure show highly aberrant monocyte signaling profiles assessed by phospho-specific flow cytometry *
Oiva, Jani; Mustonen, Harri; Kylänpää, Marja-Leena; Kyhälä, Lea; Alanärä, Tiina; Aittomäki, Saara; Siitonen, Sanna; Kemppainen, Esko; Puolakkainen, Pauli; Repo, Heikki
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1702-1708, August 2010.

Quantitative assessment of somatosensory-evoked potentials after cardiac arrest in rats: Prognostication of functional outcomes *
Madhok, Jai; Maybhate, Anil; Xiong, Wei; Koenig, Matthew A.; Geocadin, Romergryko G.; Jia, Xiaofeng; Thakor, Nitish V.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1709-1717, August 2010.

Role of regulatory T cells in long-term immune dysfunction associated with severe sepsis
Nascimento, Daniele C.; Alves-Filho, José C.; Sônego, Fabiane; Fukada, Sandra Y.; Pereira, Marcelo S.; Benjamim, Claudia; Zamboni, Dario S.; Silva, João S.; Cunha, Fernando Q.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1718-1725, August 2010.

Cerebral effects of hyperglycemia in experimental cardiac arrest
Lennmyr, Fredrik; Molnar, Maria; Basu, Samar; Wiklund, Lars
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1726-1732, August 2010.

Bone marrow-derived mononuclear cell therapy in experimental pulmonary and extrapulmonary acute lung injury
Araújo, Indianara M.; Abreu, Soraia C.; Maron-Gutierrez, Tatiana; Cruz, Fernanda; Fujisaki, Livia; Carreira, Humberto Jr; Ornellas, Felipe; Ornellas, Debora; Vieira-de-Abreu, Adriana; Castro-Faria-Neto, Hugo C.; Muxfeldt Ab'Saber, Alexandre; Teodoro, Walcy R.; Diaz, Bruno L.; Peres DaCosta, Carlos; Capelozzi, Vera L.; Pelosi, Paolo; Morales, Marcelo M.; Rocco, Patricia R. M.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1733-1741, August 2010.


Futility in the intensive care unit: Hard cases make bad law *
Curtis, J. Randall; Burt, Robert A.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1742-1743, August 2010.

Severe malaria and sepsis: Will one fluid strategy suit both? *
Molyneux, Elizabeth
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1744-1745, August 2010.

This is cool! Hypothermia, chest compressions, and ventilation can be accomplished in a large animal cardiac arrest model: Paving the way to human clinical trials *
Helfaer, Mark A.; Topjian, Alexis
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1745-1746, August 2010.

Half empty or half full? *
Batchinsky, Andriy I.; Cancio, Leopoldo C.; Buchman, Timothy G.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1747-1748, August 2010.

Communication of sedation in the intensive care unit: Is it the real issue? *
Ramelet, Anne-Sylvie
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1748-1749, August 2010.

Biomarkers as end points in clinical trials of severe sepsis: A garden of forking paths *
Salluh, Jorge I. F.; Póvoa, Pedro
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1749-1751, August 2010.

Once bitten, twice shy: Defective monocyte signaling in acute pancreatitis *
McGregor, Richard J.; Mole, Damian J.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1751-1752, August 2010.

Promising prognostic potentials: Perhaps *
Young, G. Bryan
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1753, August 2010.

Letters to the Editor

Vancomycin plus rifampicin for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia benefits only those who have no development of rifampicin resistance during treatment
Tan, Che-Kim; Lai, Chih-Cheng; Lin, Sheng-Hsiang; Hsueh, Po-Ren
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1754, August 2010.

Vancomycin plus rifampicin for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia benefits only those who have no development of rifampicin resistance during treatment
Lim, Chae-Man; Jung, Young Ju
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1754-1755, August 2010.

Financial disclosures in clinical practice guidelines
Kahn, Jeremy M.; Rubenfeld, Gordon D.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1755-1756, August 2010.

Response from the Editor-in-Chief of Critical Care Medicine
Parrillo, Joseph E.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1756-1757, August 2010.

Predicting dead space ventilation in critically ill patients using clinically available data
Sue, Darryl Y.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1757, August 2010.

Lazarus phenomenon, autoresuscitation, and nonheart-beating organ donation
Rady, Mohamed Y.; Verheijde, Joseph L.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1757-1758, August 2010.
doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3181defd10
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Lazarus phenomenon, autoresuscitation, and nonheart-beating organ donation
Shemie, Sam D.; Hornby, Karen; Hornby, Laura
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1758-1759, August 2010.

Is passive leg raising safe in mechanically ventilated patients receiving enteral nutrition?
Nseir, Saad; Lubret, Rémy
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1759, August 2010.

Mechanical ventilation can cause changes in pulmonary circulation
Ñamendys-Silva, Silvio A.; Domínguez-Cherit, Guillermo
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1759-1760, August 2010.

Breathing requirement and metabolic rate during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Cardiac arrest during exercise
Tiangco, Dexter; Haouzi, Philippe
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1760-1761, August 2010.

Defining death in donation after circulatory determination of death protocols: A bluish shade of violet
Zamperetti, Nereo
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1761, August 2010.

Defining death in donation after circulatory determination of death protocols: A bluish shade of violet
Bernat, James L.; Capron, Alexander M.
Critical Care Medicine. 38(8):1761-1762, August 2010.
doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3181e285cb


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